Who I am?

A little bit about me

Hi, my name is Kim Warnock. I am in the IT profession, I have run a couple of businesses and now work in IT in schools, Teach a bit of Photography and Video and media studies; and quite keen on family history. My interest in family history comes from my mother’s maternal side, when in 1972, a guy by the name of Oliver Duffield did the family tree of the Duffields from 1772 to 1972 and their arrival in western Australia on the first fleet into the Swan river colony. I take my hat off to this Guy and the work he did, all before computers and the internet, all done by snail mail and good old foot slog around cemetery and registry offices. Again on MY mother’s side, a cousin was doing family history on the Dedmans and Maxwells and this kept the spark alive. Lloyd had shown me the Family Registry and over the years this had intrigued me. Then in 2007 after the death of both of my Aunt’s I spoke to my grandmother Edna about the registry and any family history stuff and….well to my surprise she produced 3 draws of photos, just laying on top of each other, a big box of books, files and writings and of course the Photo album. I was then given quite a detective role in unravelling our family tree. My Grandfather James Lloyd was given and or passed on most of the Warnock memorabilia from his dad and grandfather. A large trunk containing all sorts of goodies from down the line, this then snow balled as our great grandmother Elsie, Francis J Warnock’s’ wife, Lloyds mother, gave him her mother’s treasure chest of photos and other keep sakes; all together some 250+ photos dating back to 1860, and an exquisite photo album from 1881..

The collection I am proud to be custodian of today covers our Warnock line and the memories of the wives of the Keens, Eades and Crouches. The reason for the collection is when our GG Grandmother Hannah Keen (Nee Eades) left Sydney NSW for WA, Her and her sister Eliza communicated by photos to one another, just like we do now on face book, but these two posted family photos back and forth from WA to NSW, Then her daughter Elsie (who most of us called Old Nan) continued that trend taking and collecting photos of her children and grandchildren. Thanks Nan..

Present Day?

"Like In 'the Da Vinci Code' and being on a Grail Quest"

My Wife Tanya and I went to Dublin in 2014 to see if we could piece together some of the missing pieces, it was the best 4 weeks ever. Going to places where of GG Grand parents lived and worked, finding that some headstones were still in place while other were missing and yet still some were in pearl of being removed and other people being buried on top of them. Yes, land is so sort after, one of our ancestors being buried in a common grave, someone can come and buy the plot and have someone else buried on top and it’s then their grave. How that for Irish irony! .

Myself and my Son Sam returned in 2017 for further research and a bit of a father – son bonding time over 3 weeks in April which was really great and added to the knowledge base we have and which we intend to share in the documents to follow. I hope you enjoy, and please if you have any photos or things of interest to add to the collection we would be happy to display them with full credits. Thanks again for visiting..